Monday, December 13, 2010

CT > CourseSmart Launches Faculty Review Program for Digital Textbooks

Campus Technologu / 07-13-10 / Dian Schaffhauser

A company that produces digital versions of textbooks for higher education has launched a new program that makes the materials immediately and freely available for review by faculty members. CourseSmart has opened the Faculty Instant Access Program to a few institutions, but a company spokeswoman said it would be rolling out the initiative to others through the spring 2011 semester.

According to the company, the service allows users to gain access to the e-textbook formats of more about 90 percent of the most popular textbooks through the given college's learning management system or campus portal.

"The new Faculty Instant Access program creates a more streamlined evaluation-to-selection process for instructors while introducing them to digital tools that can enhance their students' classroom experience and ease their administrative burden," said CEO Sean Devine.




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