Wednesday, December 29, 2010

D-Lib > It's Time For Wider Acceptance Of e-Textbooks [Editorial]

D-Lib Magazine / v. 15 no. 9-10 / September-October 2009 / Bonita Wilson


Fourteen years ago, when I was completing my library and information science degree, a hotly debated class topic was whether electronic books would ever replace printed books. Considering the rapid pace of technological development in the intervening years, it is somewhat surprising that there hasn't already been wider acceptance of electronic books – especially e-textbooks – than exists today.

E-textbooks offer many features and functions unavailable with printed textbooks. In addition, e-textbooks cost less and are supposed to be more environmentally friendly. [snip].

Most e-textbook devices have been improved over the last few years, but some could still benefit from improved software and design. [snip].

Because the printed book is such a perfect technology, print books will surely continue to be produced and purchased, especially for leisure reading. But the time has come for greater use of e-textbooks for educational purposes. [snip].

Bonita Wilson
Editor / D-Lib Magazine



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