Saturday, December 4, 2010

JISC National e-Books Observatory Project

The National e-books Observatory Project is about exploring impacts, observing behaviours and developing new models to stimulate the e-books market, and to do all this in a managed environment.

Why the project
  • There is a demand for course texts including textbooks in e-format from UK HE course taught students and their teachers which is not being met
  • E-book publishers are nervous about providing course texts online as there is a lack of evidence about demand and concerns over impacts on print sales
  • JISC Collections, e-book publishers, librarians and aggregators are unsure about what are the most realistic and sustainable pricing and licensing models for providing students with online access to course texts
Project aims
  • To licence a collection of e-books that are highly relevant to UK HE course taught students in four discipline areas:
    • Business and Management Studies
    • Engineering
    • Medicine (not mental health or nursing)
    • Media Studies
  • To evaluate the use of the course text e-books though deep log analysis and analyse the impact of the free at the point of use course text e-books upon publisher, aggregator and library processes
  • To transfer knowledge acquired in the project to publishers, aggregators and libraries to help stimulate a course text e-books market that has appropriate business and licensing models
Links  To
  • Overview
  • Deep Log Analysis
  • Reports
  • Business Models
  • News & Blogs
  • Events
  • Further Redaing
Final Report







JISC e-books working group reports


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