Saturday, January 8, 2011

BISG > College Students Want Their Textbooks the Old-Fashioned Way: In Print

New York, NY (January 6, 2011) -- Despite their fondness for social networking and cell phones, most college students say they prefer textbooks in printed rather than e-text form. Nearly 75% of students to recently respond to a major new research survey from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) said they prefer printed texts, citing a fondness for print's look and feel, as well as its permanence and ability to be resold.

This finding was among many uncovered in BISG's inaugural survey entitled Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education. The ongoing survey focuses on college student perceptions related to educational content and presentation media in the higher education market. It is powered by Bowker's PubTrack data, the publishing industry's exclusive resource for understanding buying behavior.


Although not the preferred textbook form for most college students, further data from the survey shows that e-texts do have fans. About 12% of the students surveyed -- mostly males, and often MBA-seeking or distance learners -- said they prefer e-texts to printed texts because of their lower cost, convenience and portability. In addition, online supplemental materials received favor from these respondents as well. Particularly online quizzes that tests students' understanding of a text's content and prepares them for exams.

The majority of survey respondents (60%) said they place high value on core textbooks -- whether printed or electronic ... . [snip].


Data from this benchmark survey will be presented at BISG's February 9, 2011 event: What College Students Think: Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing. [snip].



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