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10 Places To Buy Digital Textbooks Online / > Education Innovation Guide / November 2008

Digital textbooks are becoming more popular as the rising costs of college cramp student budgets. This article details the ten best places to find cheap digital textbooks online and provides a list of websites that offer free digital textbooks,

#1 Zinio
#2 iChapters
#3 CourseSmart
#5 McGraw-Hill eBookstore
#6 Taylor and Francis eBookstore
#7 Books on Board
#8 Vital Source Bookshelf
#9 CafeScribe
#10 Universal Digital Textbooks

Where to Find Free Digital Textbooks

Not every digital textbook costs money--there are some textbooks that can be legally accessed for free over the web. The following sites offer a wide range of no-cost digital textbooks.
  • Textbook Revolution
  • Freeload Press
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