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E-Books In Higher Education: What's On The Horizon? > ELI 2011 Annual Meeting > February 16 2011

ELI 2011 Annual Meeting "Educating in the Open: Philosophies, Innovations, and Stories" / February 14–16 2011 / Washington, D.C. or Online

E-Books in Higher Education: What's on the Horizon? / Wednesday / February 16 2011 / 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. / Lincoln East


Rob Kadel, Academic Trainer & Consultant, Pearson


Electronic textbooks and readers such as the iPad and Kindle have (once again) sparked the imagination of instructors, students, authors, and publishers as to the possibilities of interactive, go-anywhere, work-anytime content. Yet many challenges must still be overcome before e-books are widely adopted in higher education. This presentation will draw on current research and trends in e-book technology, as well as audience members' experiences and opinions, to address both the promises and the challenges that await users as they consider e-book adoption. Active audience participation is encouraged!

Learning Objectives

* Understand how e-books will have to present content differently and how the technology behind them presents a wide range of possibilities for content delivery.
* Discern the needs of end users (faculty, students) that must be addressed before the widespread adoption of e-books.
* Understand the current business models of distribution of e-books and e-reader devices and how these models both encourage and hinder the adoption of e-books (for example, proprietary file formats).



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