Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eTexts @ Indiana University

New Models for Electronic Texts and Course Materials

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Students and many stakeholders in higher education are concerned with the costs of textbooks.  Empowering People, IU's Strategic Plan for IT, asserts that "IU should be at the forefront of enabling its faculty to creatively experiment with and adopt new models for providing educational resources to students."  All indications point to rapid change in digital reader devices (e.g., iPad, Droids, Kindles, PC/Macs, laptops, etc.), digital textbooks, and print-on-demand.

Thus, in 2009, IU began studying and testing new models that could lower the cost of course materials and take advantage of new opportunities to enhance student engagement and learning.  IU will continue to engage in a range of pilot trials for any new models that show promise towards IU objectives.

Objectives of IU's eTexts Efforts:
  1. Substantially drive down the cost of digital educational resources for students
  2. Enable access to high quality materials -- in both digital and hardcopy formats -- that are valued by faculty and students
  3. Enable new tools for teaching and learning (e.g., social annotation, ease of access)
  4. Shape the terms of eTexts models to favor the interests of IU students and author



> Reports on Indiana University Pilot
> Open Educational Materials
> Commercial Options for eTexts/Digital Educational Resources
> Articles/Publications



Evolution of the Textbook Model - Using an iPad or other mobile device?

[http://etexts.iu.edu/video/engine/swf/player.swf?url=../../brad_2010.f4v ]

Remarks to the Bloomington Faculty Council / November 2nd, 2010


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