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Free Digital Textbooks For K-12 Students /  Ezine Articles /  Patricia Fioriello


Digital renovations in spreading literacy have seen the emergence of mobile learning technologies, digital textbooks, podcasting lectures etc. Free digital textbooks have provided complete liberty with online education. These textbooks are customized to meet the necessities of the K-12 students. [snip].

[snip]. Online textbooks allow easy customization of the student curriculum, providing space to mix and match lessons, worksheets etc, from different grades.

Digital online textbooks provide the added advantage of being saved online. Free digital textbooks are accessible anytime, anywhere, with the least concern of losing or misplacing the materials.[snip].

Each student has unique requirements. A student might need extra attention in a particular subject than the rest. Online textbooks enable the teachers to select lessons based on several grades. Thus, a student who has an aptitude for math can continue to further their math studies from curriculum of higher grades with the free digital textbooks. [snip].

Free digital textbooks can also be of great help for the academically challenged students. The extra attention that these students need with special curriculum, exclusively based on their individual requirements, can easily be availed with the free digital textbooks. [snip].

With digital syllabi, lesson plans, digital instruction manuals, the free digital textbooks create a comprehensive curriculum for the home-school students. Moreover, they are an economic alternative, in comparison to the annual school-recommended texts.



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