Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could iPads Or E-Readers Become The Future Of Education ... ?

SchoolSpring / February 2 2011

Anthony Jackson, Superintendent of the Henry County Public Schools, VA, said “From what I’ve seen, the iPad is going to be a transformational platform for textbooks”. Jackson said that the school system was so impressed when the first iPads arrive last summer that it used federal stimulus funds to expand the initial Pearson pilot program from 20 devices to 1,700. [snip]. (Dennis, 2011)

Just think about the millions of trees it takes to produce all the textbooks provided to students around the country. What if all those textbooks were on-line? Each student would only have to carry one small 8×10 lightweight ‘electronic textbook’ instead of up to 50 lbs of textbooks ... .

IPads are part of Pilot Programs in at least two areas of the country; Virginia and California.

“The iPads are part of an ambitious pilot program by the state of Virginia, targeted to a generation that has grown up surrounded by computer screens and digital gadgets. The devices offer a digital platform for longtime print textbook publishers like Pearson Education Inc., the British publishing firm with large divisions in Boston. [snip].

“Kathy Mickey, an analyst with Simba, said that the iPad has “a wow factor right now that’s attractive to everybody: students, teachers, and publishers. In addition, Mickey said, [snip].

Do you think the iPad program would work in your district?



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