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FREE TechU Ohio Webinar > Update on eTextbooks > March 24 2011 | 11 AM EDT

Update on eTextbooks

Date: March 24, 2011 / 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon EDT

Presenter: Steve Acker, OhioLINK

Summary: Ohio’s textbook affordability initiative focuses on improving learning outcomes as well as reducing the cost of textbooks. A major component of the plan is the Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project. 

In Year 1 of the Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project, five major publishers made their Introductory Psychology textbook available in digital form at a discount from print of 70%. In Year 2, the disciplines of Accounting, Biology, and Economics will be added and aggressive efforts to bring more librarians, instructional designers, and accessibility experts into the community will be undertaken. 

The three strands of the Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project’s "DNA" are (1) working with traditional textbook publishers, (2) engaging in open educational resources initiatives, and (3) supporting digital literacy workshops and programs for both faculty and students reaching toward “personalized learning environments.”  
Each of these strands is connected and will interoperate as the learning materials environment evolves over the next five years. Traditional publishers will adapt to the OER movement, which will continue to change as an alternative to current practices. Faculty and students will continue to develop “personalized learning environments” for collecting, packaging and using content to serve individualized learning needs. We will discuss all of this, and more, in this OLN webinar.


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