Sunday, March 18, 2012

63% of High School Students Want Textbooks that Communicate with Classmates [Infographic]

Today’s students are digital natives, and they are using their devices to connect with each other all the time during school. A new infographic looks at just how many of them are using social networks, and what they are doing on those social networks during school. The infographic also asks how schools can harness this social force for learning.


We’re not just talking about college students, either — children aged 2-11 make up nearly 9.5% of the online universe. 73% of wired teens are using social networking sites and 25% of time spent online by Americans is on social networks and blogs.

For instance, 63% of students grade 6-12 want online textbooks that allow them to communicate with classmates. We really are facing a new generation of students and there is going to be a big market for evolving education systems.



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