Saturday, April 28, 2012

Benefits of eTextbooks

With the current popularity of iPad, Kindle, and other e-book readers, e-books have logically become more common. Many bookworms rave about how e-books are more practical compared to printed books. Buying e-books is more convenient because there is no need to drop by a bookstore just to buy. Purchases can be made online and copies of the book can be downloaded instantly.

For students, the popularity of eTextbooks is also increasing. The benefits of eTextbooks are the most pressing factor why many college students today prefer those than printed copies. [snip].

The benefits of eTextbooks are always exceeding and overshadowing any setback. Here are some of those advantages, which further endear such forms of references to many modern college students.

Easier customization

Many textbook publishers offer and facilitate ‘build-a-book’ option to bolster the attractiveness of their eTextbooks. The option allows instructors to strategically mix and match chapters and content of books as well as case studies to make customized versions of eTextbooks specifically for their classes. [snip]

Publishers, surprisingly, love customization of eTextbooks. That is because customized eTextbooks or printed books logically disable students to sell the textbooks as used copies after use. [snip].

Availability of etextbook rentals

The benefits of eTextbooks also include the availability of etextbook rentals, which should not be a surprise today. Customized eTextbooks can also be offered for rent. [snip].

eTextbook rentals are advantageous because there is no need to scout numerous used textbook stores and university book stores to find and rent books. Rentals are made more convenient and affordable. [snip].

Lastly, the benefits of eTextbooks will not be complete without citing the ease of use. Readers can always adjust the fonts of the books to make those more readable. Searching for keywords are also possible in an instant through word-searching tools and functions.

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