Monday, April 16, 2012

Non-U.S. Digital Textbook Initiatives

I am greatly interested in learning about non-U.S. Digital Textbook initiatives. 

To date I've identified only several  projects outside of the United States, that include:

Digital School Program with Open Textbooks Approved by Polish Government!

In South Korean Classrooms, Digital Textbook Revolution Meets Some Resistance

E-books Venture to Target UK Students 

I am interested in any / all non-U.S. Digital Textbook projects at the institutional, local, state, regional, and/or national level(s).

BTW-1: I will be giving two (2) lectures and a workshop for the DILL (Digital Library Learning) program in Parma, Italy ( during the week of September 17 2012. 

BTW-2: I am more than willing to give presentations / workshops in other European venues after September 19 but no later than September 28 2012, if there is adequate interest and support.



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