Friday, April 20, 2012

Understanding Acceptance of Dedicated E-textbook Applications for Learning: Involving Taiwanese University Students

Jung-Yu Lai, Khire Rushikesh Ulhas, (2012) "Understanding acceptance of dedicated e-textbook applications for learning: involving Taiwanese university students", The Electronic Library, Vol. 30 Iss: 3


Purpose - The prevalence of information technology (IT) has been introducing new trends into learning modalities spurring dedicated e-textbook applications for learning. However, there is only a limited understanding of what factors drive university students’ attitudes/willingness to use the new devices for learning. Hence, this study attempts to investigate what factors drive university students to use dedicated e-textbook applications for learning.

Design/methodology/approach - By integrating previous theories such as Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT), and convenience in the form of integrated model, this study presents a causal model that explores influence of technological, intrinsic, and extrinsic factors, i.e., convenience, compatibility, enjoyment, usefulness, upon university students’ attitudes towards using dedicated e-textbook applications for learning.

Findings - The results of this study suggest that perceived usefulness, convenience, compatibility, and perceived enjoyment all significantly contribute to dedicated e-textbook application acceptance.

Research limitations/implications - Present research clearly portrays drivers for acceptance of dedicated e-textbook applications for learning among university students which would be an important topic for current and future research.

Practical implications - Our findings outline and describe how the dominant factors affect university students’ attitudes towards adoption of dedicated e-textbook applications for learning. By considering extrinsic, technological, and intrinsic factors, such as usefulness, convenience, compatibility, enjoyment, in the stage of product development, practitioners can provide well-accepted dedicated e-textbook applications for potential users.

Originality/value - These findings would facilitate development of a more robust understanding of university students’ attitudes toward using dedicated e-textbook applications for learning. It also might assist practitioners developing innovative e-textbook applications as well as provide directions for researchers interested in developing and testing theories pertinent to e-textbook applications.



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