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Bookboon > Online Book Publisher Challenges Establishment

May 17th, 2012

While traditional book publishers are still struggling to find a viable business model for eBooks, Bookboon.com is taking a different approach. With their free eBooks, they offer an alternative to the often unfair priced eBooks. [snip].


Free alternative

Bookboon offers an alternative for the often unfair priced eBooks. The eBooks are available for free thanks to the insertion of a small number of employer branding and recruitment advertisements in the eBooks. The ePublisher currently offers business books, academic textbooks for university students and travel guides.

Ever since Bookboon became a global company, it has proven successful in the US: in the past 12 months, Bookboon.com experienced half a million downloads. [snip].

About Bookboon

Bookboon is a publishing house of free e-books.

All eBooks are written exclusively for the publisher by specialists and university professors. In 2011, 11 million eBooks were downloaded worldwide. The publisher expects 50 million downloaded eBooks in 2012.

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