Sunday, May 6, 2012

Born to Run with Digital Textbooks

Lisa Fodor / May 02 2012

I’ve been to 30+ Springsteen concerts, and what keeps me coming back, besides his music, is how he continues to make a difference. [snip]. For some time, Springsteen has been trying to keep scalpers from taking advantage of fans. It looked like he and Ticketmaster had found a way to do that with non-transferable electronic tickets. But the first time my friends and I used the new technology, we had our doubts.

[snip].Ticketmaster moved my cheese – they changed to paperless tickets. What the heck is a paperless ticket?


And that’s when it hit me. Paperless tickets are a lot like our digital All Access Pass (AAP) product that will be in bookstores in time for summer and fall classes. Instead of buying a print book, students will buy an AAP redemption code that gives them immediate access to their textbook in multiple digital formats, from e-textbook to print-it-yourself PDF.

The textbook publishing industry has been operating in the same old way for a long time. Then Flat World Knowledge comes along with a new business model and new products that break the rules. [snip].

While we believe the AAP is a better experience for students (and more affordable, green and convenient than print), we know it isn’t the best solution for everyone. That’s why students can still buy print books at low prices directly from our website. And, as always, students have access to their assigned textbook FREE online.


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