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Kathrin Tschiesche / May 22, 2012

As we know, it is difficult for students to get quality textbooks at a low cost. Five years ago, decided to take a stand and found a way to fulfill their mission: all students should be able to go through university without paying for textbooks.

To reach this goal, already provides a range of over 800 free accessible textbooks, a number which is constantly growing, and is now the largest publisher of open source textbooks – with textbooks in 7 languages.

Concept and mission

The concept and mission is clear – only publishes free and openly available textbooks and ebooks which can be downloaded in PDF without registration.

Our mission is that students should be able to go through university without having to pay for textbooks. We finance our textbooks with a low number of employer branding adverts: in essence, we are getting the future employers to pay for the student textbooks.

We have set a 15% advertising limit per book with a number of professors and student organizations in order to ensure our books’ academic quality. It is impossible to buy anything on our website – every single book we offer is freely available to anyone anywhere.

About our open textbooks

What makes our textbooks special is that they are available for free in an effort to give everyone the opportunity to study without being charged.

Our textbooks might not be open for customization, but they are open for studying, printing, sharing, embedding on your website, which makes them “open access”.

We are also proud to be listed on

What is an open access textbook

By definition, an open access textbook allows users to:

  • use the textbook without compensating the author,
  • copy the textbook, with appropriate credit to the author,
  • distribute the textbook non-commercially.

50% of our downloads in the third world


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