Saturday, June 16, 2012

ISTE 2012 > Interactive, Customizable, Free: Using Open Source FlexBooks

6/25/2012 > 4:15pm–5:15pm, SDCC 30CD

Brooke Turner, CK-12 Foundation

Learn about CK-12 Foundation’s free, open source STEM content. Find out how to create and share custom FlexBook digital textbooks.  (Exhibitor-Sponsored)

 Purpose & Objectives

This presentation will introduce participants to the high-quality, standards-aligned digital resources provided at no-cost by CK-12 Foundation. The interactive demonstration will cover creating FlexBooks® digital textbooks. These digital textbooks can be customized by subject, language and level of difficulty, giving teachers the flexibility to create tailored content. Participants will learn how to navigate the content library, edit content, incorporate multi-media elements and, finally, how to share the digital textbook online and on various e-reader devices.

The session will also introduce FlexConcepts®, an interactive platform that uses multimedia simulations and adaptive exercises to help students learn individual concepts.


Presentation outline:

  • 10 minute introduction to CK-12 Foundation and the resources available to educator and students.
  • 10 minutes for getting participants registered and exploring materials (registration is free and will require an internet browser on a laptop).
  • 20 minutes creating custom FlexBooks (for those who are progressing quickly, they will be given links to videos which discuss more advanced editing options and will be to try those.)
  • 10 minutes exploring FlexConcepts and how to use with studnets.
  • 10 minutes for questions.

Supporting Research

Leadership Public Schools case study (using FlexBooks)

Presenter Background

Brooke Turner started her career in education as a High School Science teacher in California. After four years of teaching she joined CK-12 Foundation. In her role with the foundation she has presented at a number of schools as well as at NCTM 2011.

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