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ISTE 2012 > Textbook Deathwatch: The Evolution of Digital Resources

6/25/2012 > 4:15pm–5:15pm, SDCC 6A

Brian Bridges, California Learning Resource Network with Tom Adams, Neeru Khosla, Paul McFall, Robert Onsi and Kelly Schwirzke

From open source to online and interactive, how are digital textbooks evolving? Experts in publishing, open source, and departments of education share their vision of the textbook revolution.


Purpose & Objectives

  • Short history of the digital textbook revolution
  • States that have implemented digital resources or passed legislation to fuel its growth
  • Three models for digital textbooks and how they're continuing to evolve.
  • Four panel experts sharing their perspectives and participation in the revolution


How has the digital textbook revolution evolved since California Governor asked the California Learning Resource Network to review digital textbooks two years ago?

Four experts will share their perspectives.

  • Dr. Tom Adams, director of the California Department of Education's Curriculum, Frameworks, and Instructional Resources Division will share how California is promoting digital resources.
  • Paul McFall, VP of Pearson, will share how Pearson is disrupting itself to become more competitive
  • Robert Onsi, VP at Discovery Education, will share how Discovery has created an online, interactive digital textbook.
  • Neeru Khosla, founder of CK-12, a non-profit organization that creates open-source digital textbooks for K-12, will share her journey about creating high-quality open-source resources for students and educators.

Supporting Research

Presenter Background

Brian Bridges is the Director of the California Learning Resource Network, a state-funded technology service that reviews electronic learning resources, free web links, data assessment tools, digital textbooks, and online courses for K-12 educators. Previously President of the Computer Using Educators Board of Directors, Brian began his career as a middle school English, drama, and computer teacher, leaving after 20 years to serve as program manager of CTAP Region 6.

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