Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oxford Internet Institute Produces Its First Interactive iBook of Research

22 March 2012 Oxford Internet Institute

Research data produced for Geographies of the World's Knowledge, a 28 page report on where and how knowledge is distributed across the world, (published in 2011), has been transformed by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and colleague Kunika Kono. Using the most innovative technology they have produced an interactive iBook to make their graphs and data more widely understood by the public. The iBook, also called Geographies of the World's Knowledge aims to be more aesthetically pleasing than the average research paper. It allows the reader to pick and choose how much detail they want to read, through the use of special interactivity functions of the iPad. It is now freely available to the public and can be downloaded from Apple's iBookstore.

Compared to the traditional page layout of an academic journal or its online equivalent, the interactive iBook is almost page-less. It contains moving graphics, such as a timeline animation on global maps. The user can also select pieces of the picture to zoom in on and to glean further information. [snip]


Utilizing and extending 'iBooks Author', the software provided by Apple for users to design iBooks, the OII researchers custom-made their own interactive elements in order to push the boundaries further than the default widgets provided. [snip]

The aim behind the book is to make use of cutting edge technology to make Oxford Internet Institute research more accessible to a much wider readership than would generally be found through traditional publications. [snip].


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