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ISTE 2012 > Tech Charge! Third Graders Build Their Own Student Textbooks

6/27/2012 > 11:00am–1:00pm, SDCC Halls DE Lobby , Table: 23

Tina Schneider, LiveBinders with Barbara Tallent

See how LiveBinders inspired a differentiated learning experience instigated and implemented by third graders! Learn how this new responsibility inspired students to learn more.  (Contains Commercial Content)  (Exhibitor-Sponsored)


Purpose & Objectives

Hear about the successful integration of a new web 2.0 tool that helped create a differentiated classroom.

Once they learned about LiveBinders, students discovered that they wanted to collect their own study materials, develop their own study quizzes and put them into LiveBinders - coming up with the idea of a 'student textbook' - each one unique to each student's style of learning. Students even wanted to share their textbooks with the class for additional help editing and eventually as additional review material.

The project demonstrated the common core practices of collaboration, digital citizenry, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. The end result was a classroom filled with confident, vocal participants that wanted to continue to do more.

Teachers who want to take small steps into developing their own differentiated learning environment are invited to interact with the classroom binders, get feedback from the teacher of the class and learn more about the applications through a hands on demo.


1. Introduce challenges of differentiated learning and how technology can help
2. Present Michael Thorton's 3rd Grade individual student texbooks and quiz binders created by and for students.
3. Let teachers explore the different binders
4. Questions and answer time

Supporting Research

Presenter Background

I have been a corporate researcher designing software for 15 years working with educators and students in the middle and high school grades. I am an experienced presenter to both the classroom and conference setting. My co-presenter is also a frequent speaker and presenter at forums and other conference settings. We have been invited speakers at various online conferences and EdCamps. In addition we host, along with Dean Mantz, a monthly webinar featuring teachers using 21st Century teaching practices

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