Thursday, November 22, 2012

eTernity: European Textbooks Reusability Networking & Interoperability Project


eTernity - a new initiative of CEN WS-LT

The eTernity project is a new initiative from CEN Workshop on Learning Technologies and actors in the textbook marked together with stakeholders from education. eTernity is about bringing European stakeholders in education together: developing a common vision, frameworks and specifications for e-textbooks for educational purposes. The idea is to fulfill educational requirements for e-textbooks as a channel for creating interactive, adaptable, personlizable resources to improve learning, education and training.

eTernity will provide a common reference framework to support public policy makers, private stakeholders and academic bodies that want to work together to reshape the digital marketplace for educational resources in Europe.

The goal of the eTernity initiative is to provide neutral guidance based on an agreed framework allowing us to move away from the many closed and vertical solutions flourishing in today’s digital content markets. Creation, inter-mediation (also called “curation”), distribution and use of digital textbooks need to be based on open architectural and technical standards that will make the marketplace more interoperable and scalable, in an ecosystem of multiple players and actors.

In a nutshell, this initiative wants to move the European textbook market from a world based on siloed and closed proprietary marketplaces to a future ecosystem where smart, responsive and adaptable textbooks can interoperate across different distribution channels and devices, adapting to the learner’s skills and competencies, delivering the right learning experience where and when the learner needs it. This will affect many providers, producers, consumers and curators of learning textbooks.

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