Tuesday, November 6, 2012

McGraw-Hill Education Launches E-Book Program for Higher Ed

11/06/12 ; Leila Meyer

McGraw-Hill Education has announced its new Digital Learning Partnership Program, an e-book program for colleges and and universities, which will launch this week at the Educause 2012 conference in Denver.

The new program is the result of a pilot program that McGraw-Hill Education developed with Indiana University and several other institutions, and which was recently expanded to more than 25 educational institutions across the country.

The Digital Learning Partnership Program enables instructors at participating institutions to provide their students with e-books from McGraw-Hill Education or any of its partners: CourseSmart, Courseload, and Vital Source, but they are not locked into the program and retain the academic freedom to choose other textbooks.

The McGraw-Hill Education e-books contain tools for searching, sharing content, annotating, and highlighting. Students who prefer not to use e-books also have the freedom to order a print-on-demand copy of the e-book.

In addition to e-books, the Partnership Program enables instructors to use other McGraw-Hill Education digital solutions, including the McGraw-Hill Connect teaching and learning platform, the LearnSmart adaptive study tool, the Tegrity Campus lecture capture system, and the ALEKS adaptive math program.

The e-books and digital solutions available through the Partnership Program can integrate with any learning management system, and they are accessible through laptops or mobile devices.


The McGraw-Hill Education Digital Learning Partnership Program is open to colleges and universities now for implementation in fall 2013.

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