Friday, November 23, 2012

edudemic > The Future Of Textbooks Is Free … And It’s Now Available

How It Works

  • Boundless taps into the world of free & open access information and turns it into a beautiful yet functional digital textbook.
  • It’s iPad-friendly, works on laptops, and is simple enough for teachers of any aptitude to use.
  • The system generates digital resources for you based on the textbook you would normally have used in the course.
  • You can still use the printed textbook and use Boundless as a free digital supplement.
  • There’s an instant search feature built into the new Boundless UI.
  • You can digitally highlight and add notes to all of the content. I could see this being a big help to anyone nervous about deploying technology that could replace printed textbooks.
  • Boundless has a fun new feature called SmartNotes Premium which boils down all the content into easily digested factoids, summaries, and roundups. It’s like having a customized ‘Top 10′ list for each topic you’re reading about. This feature is $20/course just FYI.
  • The digital textbooks have no expiration date. They’re not rentals or anything that would cost you money since it’s all open source.

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