Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adopting Open Textbooks > Open Textbooks Are an Important Part of the Future of the Open Agenda

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BCcampus is supporting the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Collaborative Online Program in testing the open textbook waters with a pilot project this year. So far, the project has involved providing an online course, and investigating authoring tools for creating open textbooks from the various open educational resources (OER) found online.


With open textbooks, ICT students could take advantage of course material using current technology: interactive models and multi-media components. Moving to open textbooks would minimize the cost of texts to families and students and create a financial saving for the ICT program. The current cost of the texts for these three, plus two other required courses is $371.91. With a projected enrollment in the program of 40 students and also an additional 100 students in face-to-face programs outside the ICT Collaborative, that's an estimated cost saving of $52,000 annually to students.




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