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A/V Available > ELI 2011 Online Fall Focus Session > Dispelling Myths about OER and Open Textbooks > September 14 2011

Date: September 14 2011


Jacky Hood
Director , Open Door Group


Myths about open textbooks rival those of ancient heroes. Learn the truth behind these misconceptions. This presentation will dispel four myths and touch on several others. OER myth: Demand is high, supply is low. OER myth: Commercial use of OER should be discouraged. Open textbook myth: An open textbook requires only the efforts and generosity of an author. Open textbook myth: All open textbooks are electronic books. Other myths: Open textbooks will destroy college bookstores; they are crowd-sourced by anonymous amateurs; the only benefit they offer is low cost. During this session, we'll address how supply and demand applies to OER, the massive scope of creating and distributing a textbook, and the importance of bound textbooks and their possible role in helping OER achieve widespread use.

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