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A/V Available > ELI Annual Meeting 2012 > Does the Medium Matter? The Impact of Digital Textbooks on Student Learning Outcomes > February 14 2012

Date: Feb 14th, 2012


Hillary Kaplowitz
Instructional Designer
California State University, Northridge

Deone Zell
Senior Director, Academic Technology
California State University, Northridge


Digital textbooks are proliferating rapidly, and while adoption rates are still low, experts predict they are here to stay due to their added flexibility, low cost, and availability for mobile devices. While optimism for their success is high, few studies examined their impact on student learning outcomes. We investigated the impact of various textbook formats (digital, print, audio) on learning outcomes in a population of 450 students. In discussing our findings we include a panel of students to share their experiences. Finally, we turn to the audience to brainstorm and analyze good practices for teaching and learning with digital textbooks.

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