Saturday, December 22, 2012

A/V Available > ELI Annual Meeting 2012 > Expert Discussion Session > Evolving Models for eTexts > February 14 2012

Date: February 14 2012


Anastasia Morrone
Dean, Information Technology; Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, Indiana University


In this session, we'll briefly describe Indiana University's e-text agreements with five publishers and with Courseload, the provider of the e-text e-reader software. These agreements are resulting in substantial cost savings for students and providing them with new tools for teaching and learning. The IU agreements evolved from two years of pilot testing and in response to substantial input from students, faculty, textbook publishers, and authors. We will also discuss how these agreements can be extended to other institutions through short- and long-term pilot programs, which will allow them to gather valuable data about student and faculty use of e-texts.

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