Sunday, December 2, 2012

DynamicBooks and College Open Textbooks Partner to Make Open Textbooks Easy to Edit and Customizable


DynamicBooks and College Open Textbooks announced today an agreement by which College Open Textbooks will facilitate identifying high quality, peer reviewed open textbook titles to be offered on the DynamicBooks online interactive textbook platform. The DynamicBooks platform enables instructors to customize and personalize textbooks that are delivered to the instructor’s students using an advanced reader and annotation tool that can be used from most computing devices.

New York, NY (PRWEB) / September 14, 2010

The goal of both DynamicBooks and College Open Textbooks is to make open textbooks easy to edit, personalize, update and expand. Twenty-seven open textbooks from varied disciplines including history, science, business and mathematics will be available from the DynamicBooks platform beginning in January 2011 with more titles planned throughout 2011. Students will pay a $20 per term fee that enables them to highlight, annotate, search, print page-by-page and easily navigate through their customized DynamicBooks.


Using the DynamicBooks editing tool, instructors can revise content, add or delete chapters or sections and include audio, video and course notes to make the textbooks more current and more relevant for their students. Students can access DynamicBooks online, download the books to their computer, print up to ten pages at a time. Printed, bound versions are also available for student purchase. Instead of copyright, all rights reserved, these textbooks are copyrighted with Creative Commons, GFDL, and customized open licenses that mean the textbooks can be freely shared and modified.

"Open textbooks have vast potential to reduce costs and increase flexibility for both students and faculty," said Nicole Allen, Textbooks Advocate for The Student PIRGs and Campaign Director for Make Textbooks Affordable. "With the cost of textbooks rising at a rapid rate, we applaud any initiative that will help get affordable options like open textbooks into the hands of students."

The open textbook titles that will be available in the DynamicBooks platform for Spring 2011 classes include:


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