Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faculty Can Now Create Custom Digital Textbooks With Ginkgotree

Create Custom Digital Textbooks With Ginkgotree

With Ginkgotree’s public launch, faculty are now free to take advantage of the full capabilities of digital materials - the customization, inclusion of all media types, flexibility to make instant edits, increased connection between students and their professor and peers, and powerful analytics. As a web app, Ginkgotree is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Faculty can import any of the materials they already use, as well as any type of media they desire, including PDFs or copyrighted or open source material, pictures, videos, and audio. For copyrighted material, they can clear the licensing right in Ginkgotree, and see their student’s costs immediately. Since the system is targeted at lowering costs for professors and their students, while simultaneously making access to high-quality materials easier than ever, Ginkgotree publicly supports the inclusion of open source and public domain content, while understanding that many educators will want to use the materials they’ve trusted for years. Hence, all material is welcome.

“If you’ve ever stood and made photocopies yourself from books and journals and then handed the copies over to your campus’s copyright clearance office, unsure of how much students are going to be dinged for copyright fees, you know how much time and hassle this saves.”
                ~ Audrey Watters, Inside Higher Ed Blogger

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