Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Florida Open Access Textbook Task Force > Final Report

The 23 member Open Access Textbook Task Force (OATTF) was established in July 2009 to fulfill the requirements of the legislation.  The task force had broad representation from Florida‘s university and college communities – faculty, administrators, student government leaders, business officers, bookstores, and staff from the Board of Governors, Division of Florida Colleges, Florida Distance Learning Consortium and the University Press of Florida

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 
Section 1: Understanding Open Access Textbooks
1. Brief Chronological History 
2. Creative Commons Licenses .
3. Definitions
4. Why Open Access Textbooks? 
Section 2: A Plan to Promote and Increase the Use of Open Access Textbooks
1. Strategies for Production and Distribution 
2. Protocols for Production and Review
3. Raise Awareness 
4. Adoption and Use 
5. System Security 
6. Sustainability 
Summary and Conclusions
Appendix A: Open Access Textbook Task Force Members 
Appendix B: Report of Results of Open Access Materials Survey of Faculty and
Appendix C: Open Access Textbook Task Force Online Survey of Florida Faculty and
Appendix D: Survey of Student Government Leaders RE: Open Textbooks 
Appendix E: Survey Results for Student Government Leaders from University, State and
Community Colleges 
Appendix F: Prioritized List of Florida General Education Courses for Open Access
Textbook Adoption/Development 
Appendix G: Inventory of Open Textbooks Available in The Orange Grove Digital
Appendix H: Florida Colleges of Medicine Open Educational Resources Taskforce 
Appendix I: Florida State University College of Medicine Open Educational Resources
Appendix J: Task Force Charge and Activities

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