Sunday, December 23, 2012 Now Hosts Free and Open Versions of Flat World Knowledge Texts

"Junior Year" by Flckr user amanda_munoz
The Saylor Foundation is offering $20,000 for accepted textbooks aligning with eligible Saylor Foundation courses, if the copyright holder will re-license them as CC-BY!

We need to provide a cost-free alternative, and we need your help doing so. If you know about a textbook that might be eligible for inclusion in one of The Saylor Foundation’s free, online college-level courses, let us know!  We are offering potentially millions of dollars in bounties and awards for referrals and submissions that meet our criteria.

We now have two different submission options for textbook authors. If you hold the copyright for a completed textbooks that aligns with one of our eligible courses, you can submit the textbook for review right now. If have an advanced graduate degree and experience.

Note: [... A]ll Flat World Knowledge textbooks published under an open license are [now] permanently and freely available from — free to read, free to download, free to share and remix under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

The Bookshelf will initially provide .pdf and MS Word (.doc, .docx) versions of each book. We are actively building .epub versions, which will begin to appear in the early weeks of 2013, and we will introduce a more sophisticated Bookshelf in early January.



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