Monday, March 4, 2013

Opening Education: B.C. Open Textbook Project

In October 2012, the government of British Columbia announced its support for the creation of open textbooks for the 40 highest-impact first-and second-year courses in the province’s public post-secondary system. BCcampus was tasked with co-ordinating the project because of our 10-year experience with the Online Program Development Fund. The texts will be available for free online, or at low-cost for printed versions, to approximately 200,000 students.

This site, Opening Education, originally brought together individuals interested in learning about and experiencing open educational practices, building on the conversations begun at the Vancouver Opening Education event in 2011, and continued at our Open Education Forum 2012.

We are now using Opening Education to engage B.C. faculty, institutions and publishers to implement the Open Textbook Project. Here is where we provide our stakeholders with information, meeting notes, progress reports, events and workshops on open educational resources in general, and the Open Textbook Project in particular.

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