Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Van Schaik Launches Interactive e-Textbook

Launched in the beginning of February 2013 by Van Schaik, and using Ingram’s VitalSource Bookshelf platform, the electronic academic textbook – known as the e-Textbook – is a direct response to students’ evolving needs and is selling beyond the business’s expectations.


All that one requires to read an e-Textbook is hardware that can connect to the internet and the free VitalSource Bookshelf App available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS if one wants to access it offline.

The e-Texts allow for multiple functionalities, such as highlighting, inserting notes, searching texts and sharing notes with friends. You can subscribe to your friends and lecturers, and "follow" them as they make their own notes and highlights, and even search through their notes.

Students are able to access their e-Textbook and notes anywhere using their ‘myVanSchaikBookshelf’ Vitalsource account. Therefore, students are not limited to reading their e-Textbook on the PC or device that they originally downloaded it on.


With the e-book industries making it seem like print copies are on the verge of fading into history, the e-Textbook has made the chance ever more plausible. With the e-Textbook available in 17 languages and with more than 1.5 million users on 6 000 campuses worldwide, the initiative is surely a successful one thus far, and seems unlikely to peter out anytime soon.

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